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Create financial models.

OnPlan allows you to forecast, budget and collaborate with your team. Enjoy better visibility, greater transparency and more effective benchmarking.

Works with Excel & Google Sheets

Four-way synchronization between Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Airtable, and OnPlan gives you unparalleled flexibility. You can use Excel formulas to model within the OnPlan platform. Also, you can download your model to Excel at any time, so you’re not locked into OnPlan.

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Budget vs. Actuals

Track your company’s performance to plan with OnPlan’s Budget vs. Actual (BVA) tool. OnPlan presents conditionally formatted deltas when comparing any two scenarios against each other.

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Get a head start with templates

Choose from a wide variety of pre-made dashboards, sales, marketing and staffing modules — all designed to make your model that much better, and your life that much easier.

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What if Scenarios

Generate “What if” scenarios with ease. Create high and low cases, and assess scenarios like opening a new overseas office in seconds. Compare the forecast of one scenario vs another and view deltas at the press of a button.

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Roles & Permissions

Designate roles such as executive, board member, investor, sales etc and assign individuals to these roles. OnPlan gives you granular control over who can interact with all aspects of your model.

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OnPlan benchmarks your performance against pre-populated SaaS benchmarks to provide an overview of your performance.

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Setup is simple.

OnPlan integrates with your existing Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets financial model — making it very easy to set up and start using straight away. This means there will be far less risk of errors and you will be able to customize and improve your budgeting and forecasting.

Simply provide us with your existing model and our customer success team will convert it into our platform. From there, we extend your model with drag-and-drop controls. Once we have built out your core model we extend its functionality with informative dashboards, charts, graphs, and more.

Do more with integrations

Take your model to the next level with OnPlan’s integrations with Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Zapier.

  • “The platform is great for running scenarios to better understand the leverage points in your business. Lastly, the ability to restrict access to certain portions of data (eg. HR info) is a game changer and really opens the platform up to multiple users.”
    Amneet Bhurji
    Finance Director of Student Loan Hero
  • “OnPlan gets us the full suite of reporting every executive team needs and lets us combine our financial and operational data in a single place.”
    Laureen Milbrath
    CFO of UserMind
  • “OnPlan is essential to our forecasting process. When we want to understand the bigger picture, that’s what we use OnPlan for.”
    Lawrence Whittle
    CEO of Parsable
  • I love the user interface, modularity, and power of the platform. It makes a very complex process much easier to manage. I love the fact it tracks your updates so you can see people’s thinking at various points in time. 
    Ed Brennan
    Former CFO –

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