At OnPlan, we’re always working to add enterprise-level security, modeling, and collaboration abilities to your spreadsheets. In this launch we’ve introduced features that allow you to use natural language in pre-packaged power formulas, do one-click slide publishing, and control granular permissions to enhance cross-company collaboration.

One-Click Slide Publishing

You’ve lived the situation – with board decks or other decks with financial reporting – where you think you’ve gotten everything correct only to discover the night before the meeting that you have a crucial calculation error. You end up spending hours fixing the reports, formatting them, and cutting-and-pasting them into your slides.

Because we’ve lived that pain here at OnPlan, we decided to do something about it. From within the platform, you can easily connect a Google Slides presentation and automatically insert any chart into a slide. But the chart isn’t static. If you experience that moment where you discover that a key input was off, simply open the presentation, go to the charts you need to change, click “Update,” and you’re done. Then you can go back to the Netflix binge you were using to relax before the big meeting rather than spending all night snuggled up to your copy-paste function.

Animated gif showing how to publish an OnPlan graph to Google Slides

Natural Language English-to-Excel Translation

If you’re working in an Excel model, you either have to search out your cell references or take the time to define your named ranges (and then remember what you used!). With OnPlan’s English-to-Excel Translation you can easily reference cells and formulas without manual lookups. In addition to a plain-language search, you’ll get:

  • Pre-tagged OnPlan templates that have standard fields defined, such as revenue, COGS, headcount, etc.
  • The ability to use natural language to quickly build reports and get answers on the fly
  • Pre-populated Power Formulas that suit various kinds of businesses, including
    • Magic Number
    • Customer Acquisition Cost
    • Gross Profit Margin
    • Net Profit Margin
    • Days Sales Outstanding / Days Payable Outstanding

    Image showing OnPlan's natural language search for fields

    Enhanced Collaboration with Granular Permissions

    Using Excel or Google Sheets means that you’re always struggling to compartmentalize sensitive salary or customer data while collaborating across teams. You want to share elements of your model with the team, but you don’t want to share the salary data. With OnPlan you can selectively share sheets from your model and can give access to summary data with or without allowing a drill-down to transactional detail. You can also selectively share sheets, scenarios and dashboards and granularly control access, allowing you to:

      • Grant access to only necessary data – for example, letting someone see total salary cost instead of individual salaries
      • Ensure that everyone in the company works from the same, up-to-date model
      • Protect sensitive customer data
      • And more!

    We’ve packed even more into this release than we’re able to talk about in this blog post. We’d love to give you a tour – schedule a demo with one of our team members today.

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