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Pricing that scales with your business.

  • Annual
    Basic Plan
    $7500/year Book A Demo

    Basic plan most suitable for:

    • 1 Company
    • Up to 5 Departments
    • Up to 2 Revenue Streams
    • Up to 2 Users


    • Quickbooks Online Integration

    Growth Plan
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    Growth plan most suitable for:

    • Over 3 Companies
    • Over 25 Departments
    • Over 3 Currencies
    • Over 25 Users

    All the benefits of Teams, and:

    • Consolidation
    • Complex Drivers

What do customers think of OnPlan?

The platform is great for running scenarios to better understand the leverage points in your business. Lastly, the ability to restrict access to certain portions of data (eg. HR info) is a game changer and really opens the platform up to multiple users.

Amneet Bhurji
Finance Director of Student Loan Hero

OnPlan gets us the full suite of reporting every executive team needs and lets us combine our financial and operational data in a single place.

Laureen Milbrath
CFO of UserMind

OnPlan is essential to our forecasting process. When we want to understand the bigger picture, that’s what we use OnPlan for.

Lawrence Whittle
CEO of Parsable

I love the user interface, modularity, and power of the platform. It makes a very complex process much easier to manage. I love the fact it tracks your updates so you can see people’s thinking at various points in time. 

Ed Brennan
Former CFO –

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload my own models from Excel?

Yes – send us an email at [email protected] and we can schedule a time to walk you through the process.

How do refunds work?

Simply send us an email at [email protected] and we will refund your purchase.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No – all of our self-serve signup contracts are month to month.

How can I contribute modules?

Apply to be a model contributor by emailing us at [email protected]

What is my motivation to contribute a module to the OnPlan library?

We recognize all contributors with a profile next to the modules they have contributed. You can set an hourly consulting fee on your pricing page and use the modules to win new business.

Use our model builder and get a free custom-tailored model in minutes.

OnPlan value is guaranteed or your money back.