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Transparency and financial insights for non-profits

The not-for-profit industry bundle will assist your nonprofit with fund management, asset costs, project management, reporting, and more.

Take control of your model

Gain insight and transparency into your nonprofit business’ financials with financial and project management tools from Onplan

financial modeling software

Start with the fundamentals

Become more efficient with effective workforce allocation and improved insights into the flow of money so you can manage and communicate the details to key stakeholders.

Take full control of fund management

Plan and handle cash flow at the fund level with comprehensive overviews into donors, fund amounts, data entry capabilities and analyses to help you make better decisions about resource allocation.

Workforce planning made easy

Forecast headcounts and personnel-related costs, allocate costs to projects and gain insight into employee utilization rate and capacity. Plan for different employee types and accurately forecast salaries, taxes, benefits and more.

Essential financial statements

Analyze and evaluate financial health and business activities with the three core statements as well as industry-specific reports that help you understand the unit economics of each project in line with appropriate funding received.

The project management tool you were missing

With Onplan’s project management app, you can easily review and allocate your staff priorities. Conduct multi-tiered allocation, systematically allocating your indirect costs, and utilize different allocation drivers to understand your expenses at a granular level.

Need a financial planning solution?

Learn how OnPlan gives your model superpowers.

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The benefits don't stop there.

Other key features your Not for Profit company can benefit from:

  • card-time

    Update scenarios in minutes

    Create new scenarios and conduct ‘What If” analysis reports on the fly leveraging different assumptions and see the impact immediately.
  • collaboration

    Tailor your dashboards

    Create custom personalized dashboards highlighting all the key metrics for donors, shareholders and the Board of directors.
  • card-accuracy

    Understand variance with streamlined budget vs. actuals

    Spend less time on updating actuals manually and easily highlight differences in budget vs. actuals for fund data, assumptions & drivers, personnel and all other types of data.
  • card-visualizations

    The same Excel/Google Sheet syntax

    OnPlan offers the best of both worlds by extending what Excel/Google Sheets can do, without having to sacrifice the formula language we are accustomed to.

Clients love us

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I really love the user interface, modularity, and power of the platform. It makes a very complex process much easier to manage. I love the fact it tracks your updates so you can see people’s thinking at various points in time.

Gerald Sullivan
Gerald Sullivan

Head of FP&A, Redbubble

OnPlan gives me peace of mind which in itself is worth the price. I don’t have to worry about version control or someone inadvertently corrupting a calculation in our model. I “fly” ImplantBase using OnPlan as my instrument panel, it tells me how fast I can go and how close I am to the treetops. Crucially, it allows us to more quickly get to the answers we need.

Ethan Lauer

CEO, Implantbase

OnPlan is our go-to source for key operational data. It puts key information at our executives’ fingertips so we can make faster and better data driven decisions. OnPlan has helped eliminate hours of manual labor and allows us to create tailored dashboards that can be shared with key stakeholders across the company.

Joe Oest
Joe Oest

VP of Finance, Welkin Health

We have regularly hit our numbers since moving to OnPlan. I now have confidence in our forecast, and our Board members are much happier. The direct integration with QuickBooks saves us a ton of time. But the two critical issues it has solved is making sure we don’t run out of cash, and having a trustworthy forecast that we can base decision making on.

Sunil Saha
Sunil Saha

CEO, Perkville

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The best of all worlds

Learn how OnPlan gives your model superpowers.

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