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How-to guide for our CAPEX model

In this template, we share how you can navigate the complexity surrounding CAPEX and give you a free template to help you follow along.


David Greenbaum

March 14, 2022 1 min read

How-to guide for our CAPEX model

We created OnPlan’s Capex Forecasting Model (and Capex How to Guide) to help you track and plan
your company’s fixed asset expenditures as you grow. While every
company is different, in our work with hundreds of companies we have a
common set of core requirements that is nearly universal.

Whether you are building a forecast model from scratch, or just looking for
best practices ideas to add to your existing approach, we think you’ll find
value in this model.

We wrote the Capex How To Guide to help you understand how our model is
constructed so that you can quickly gain what you need from it.

You can get both the model and the how to guide by clicking here.

We encourage you to explore our other resources for Capex forecasting
(and beyond) on the OnPlan blog. We’re adding working examples, like how
to use this model to think about strategic asset acquisitions, optimizing your
depreciation schedule to reduce your tax burden, how-to videos, and much



About Author

David Greenbaum

Is the Founder and CEO of OnPlan. His lifelong passion for Excel is rivaled only by his infatuation with Airtable. Prior to founding OnPlan, David founded Boost Media (now Ad Labs), an Ad Creative Optimization software company. David has worked in a variety of FP&A roles for companies including Interval Leisure Group (NASDAQ: ILG), Plum Capital and Goldman Sachs. David holds a BA from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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