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A library of free templates, how-to guides, and other valuable assets you can use for a variety of scenarios

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A variety of templates that will help support your financial planning process.


Free Batch Hiring Template

The batch hiring template shows how to forecast batch hiring, which is useful for organizations with predictable vacancies that regularly hire a group of people in the same role on a periodic basis.


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How-to guides

Free how-to guides to help you use some of our templates above.

OPEX Revenue

Budget vs Actuals: Budget Variance Analysis & Guide

Learn about budget vs. actuals variance analysis & how it helps businesses measure performance. Not enough time to read right now? Download this guide as a downloadable PDF for free!


How-to guide for our CAPEX model

In this template, we share how you can navigate the complexity surrounding CAPEX and give you a free template to help you follow along.

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