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Tracking and depreciating your capital assets correctly can make or break your capital allocation, growth strategy, and tax planning. Our Capex forecasting template will help you plan strategic asset acquisitions, optimize depreciation schedules to reduce tax burdens, and more. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for best practices ideas to augment your approach, this template can help.

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Customers love OnPlan for planning, budgeting, and analysis

I really love the user interface, modularity, and power of the platform. It makes a very complex process much easier to manage. I love the fact it tracks your updates so you can see people’s thinking at various points in time.

Gerald Sullivan
Gerald Sullivan

Head of FP&A, Redbubble

OnPlan gives me peace of mind which in itself is worth the price. I don’t have to worry about version control or someone inadvertently corrupting a calculation in our model. I “fly” ImplantBase using OnPlan as my instrument panel, it tells me how fast I can go and how close I am to the treetops. Crucially, it allows us to more quickly get to the answers we need.

Ethan Lauer

CEO, Implantbase

OnPlan is our go-to source for key operational data. It puts key information at our executives’ fingertips so we can make faster and better data driven decisions. OnPlan has helped eliminate hours of manual labor and allows us to create tailored dashboards that can be shared with key stakeholders across the company.

Joe Oest
Joe Oest

VP of Finance, Welkin Health

We have regularly hit our numbers since moving to OnPlan. I now have confidence in our forecast, and our Board members are much happier. The direct integration with QuickBooks saves us a ton of time. But the two critical issues it has solved is making sure we don’t run out of cash, and having a trustworthy forecast that we can base decision making on.

Sunil Saha
Sunil Saha

CEO, Perkville

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