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Meet the Team: Valerio Siviero, Chief of Staff at OnPlan

Valerio is responsible for Finance, Operations, and HR at OnPlan.

David Greenbaum

December 13, 2021 1 min read

Meet the Team: Valerio Siviero, Chief of Staff at OnPlan

Valerio Siviero is responsible for Finance, Operations, and HR at OnPlan. Valerio has held roles as a management consultant, VP of Operations, COO, and Co-Founder & CEO. Valerio has always maintained an analytical, disciplined, and structured approach, relishing the ability to create clarity and alignment around company vision, priorities, and objectives. 

Q: ​​Tell us about your background and interests. 

I’m half-Italian and half-German. I was born in Munich, but grew up in Italy. I moved to Holland for my MBA and then worked in London as a consultant. I moved to Frankfurt to fund my company, which we eventually exited. And now I’m back in Milan working for a US-based company! I see myself as a European or a global citizen. 

My friends say I work like a German and live life like an Italian. I’m a karate black belt, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt, and Muay Thai practitioner. I’ve won national championships and even went to Thailand to train with UFC champions like Alexander Volkanovski and Valentina Shevchenko. 

Q: What do you like doing when you are not working?

I love spending time with friends and family. We go to a restaurant called Strike that has great food. I’m also the guy that friends and family go to if they need financial modeling. Whenever they need to make an important financial decision, like buying a car or a house, I’m the go-to guy. I actually love it. I probably spend half my weekends building models for my friends and family. 

Q: Do you have a favorite book or podcast?

First Break All the Rules. I discovered the book while I was working at Gallup. It’s all about being a Strengths-focused organization and helps you reimagine how we think about managing people and performance growth. It’s helpful to think about people with a point of view to help them do their best and then to think of ways to manage their weaknesses. Don’t try to fix people: see what they are best at and provide them the opportunity to do that every day. 

Valerio on what he does outside work

Q: Has any of your past experiences been useful to your current role?

My founding experience was most useful. I founded and exited my startup in Germany a few years ago, and it was really exciting to see an idea becoming a startup, getting funds, hiring people, and finding Product-Market Fit. I was able to see the entrepreneurship process. I’ve also been focused on finance, operations, and HR throughout my career, which is what I’m doing in OnPlan. The current role brings together my managerial experience and my entrepreneurial experience and puts it in the service of the company. 

Q: What do you like about working at OnPlan?

There are two things that I really love about OnPlan. Firstly, I’m passionate about financial modeling. OnPlan allows me to experience the depth of the field I love. I also love that we’re a remote-first company. It’s the way of the future. You’re not bound to a specific location. You can open yourself up to the world and find talent wherever it is, which means we can work with the top people in their domain, no matter where they live. 

Q: How would you sell OnPlan in an elevator pitch? 

Operating finance without OnPlan is like trying to run marketing and sales without CRM. You can spend all of your time formatting and editing and making sure that things make sense, or you can use OnPlan and focus on pushing your company forward. 

Q: What is the most exciting OnPlan feature?

It’s hard to pinpoint because OnPlan is so powerful because of the way all of our features come together in one platform. From rolling forward a month with a single click or creating scenarios in a few seconds, or doing a BVA on the fly…it’s the magic of being able to do everything in a single platform. 



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David Greenbaum

Is the Founder and CEO of OnPlan. His lifelong passion for Excel is rivaled only by his infatuation with Airtable. Prior to founding OnPlan, David founded Boost Media (now Ad Labs), an Ad Creative Optimization software company. David has worked in a variety of FP&A roles for companies including Interval Leisure Group (NASDAQ: ILG), Plum Capital and Goldman Sachs. David holds a BA from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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