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Introducing the OnPlan AppStore

Deploy best-practices financial forecasting apps in OnPlan.

David Greenbaum

March 14, 2022 1 min read

Introducing the OnPlan AppStore

OnPlan Engine: A flexible foundation for FP&A

We built the OnPlan Engine to provide incredible flexibility and high performance to FP&A teams — to help them automate their daily tasks and give them back time to collaborate with their peers, understand the business, and advise it on the best course of action.

To do that, we’ve built things like scenario planning and BvAs, rolling forecasts, interactive dashboards, integrations to key systems, and a lot more to supercharge customers’ spreadsheet models.

Just as Excel and Google Sheets are blank slates with a lot of capabilities, the OnPlan Engine is also a completely flexible and open modeling and visualization system.

workforce planning in onplan's appstore

OnPlan Apps: fast deployment of best practices

What we’ve learned from our customers is that they don’t just want help making their models work better for them, they also want to ensure they’re using best practices in the financial models in the first place — using the most sensible drivers along the way, modeling revenue with cohorts, creating the three core financial statements and tying out the Cash Flow statement with the cash line on the Balance Sheet, or modeling HR benefits with the right FICA thresholds at the employee level.

Whether it’s revenue, opex, capex, or inventory, there is no reason to reinvent well-known best practices, but the reality is that most businesses do just that.

That’s why today we’re introducing the OnPlan AppStore, which includes a wide range of Apps that can help customers rapidly build out powerful financial forecasting models on proven best practices, without giving up any flexibility to configure those models to suit their needs today and adjust them as much as they need to as their needs change.

We have already started using the Apps to get new customers up to speed faster than ever before with our fundamentals bundle.

The AppStore includes app bundles for different kinds of businesses, like B2C and B2B SaaS, nonprofits, and eCommerce.

If you’re still doing financial modeling and forecasting in Excel or Google Sheets, or you’re using another FP&A planning system and find yourself constrained by its limitations, take a minute to look at the AppStore and reach out to see how these Apps can make your business work faster and better.


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About Author
David Greenbaum

Is the Founder and CEO of OnPlan. His lifelong passion for Excel is rivaled only by his infatuation with Airtable. Prior to founding OnPlan, David founded Boost Media (now Ad Labs), an Ad Creative Optimization software company. David has worked in a variety of FP&A roles for companies including Interval Leisure Group (NASDAQ: ILG), Plum Capital and Goldman Sachs. David holds a BA from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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