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Best Practices Forecasting Apps

Apps bring the OnPlan Engine to life for all your financial forecasting needs

Advanced B2B SaaS Professional Services

B2B Revenue Forecasting

The B2B Revenue Forecasting App breaks down revenue into its 3 components: existing customers, pipeline prospects, and top-down, long-term forecasting.

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Create CAPEX schedules to simplify and automate CAPEX reporting and amortization in OnPlan. Book a demo below to see how the app works in OnPlan.

Fundamentals Bundle

Basic Debt

Conduct long term debt planning factoring in interest payments, loan terms, fees and many more factors, while visualizing cash changes in real time.

Fundamentals Bundle

Basic OPEX

Easily plan this fundamental aspect of any business. Use flexible and unique drivers such as trailing averages, look backs, percentage of revenue, or direct input.

Advanced B2B SaaS B2C SaaS eCommerce Nonprofit Professional Services

Financial Statement Reporting

The financial reporting package integrates with other bundles and apps to create the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

Advanced Nonprofit

Fund Management

The fund management app allows nonprofits to plan at the fund-level, using details such as donor type, donor name, total committed fund amount, fund amount received to date, as well as data entry capabilities for tracking amounts.

Advanced eCommerce

Inventory Planning

Accurately plan your inventory taking in to account common factors such as lead times and safety stock as well as custom assumptions for accurate planning.

Advanced B2C SaaS eCommerce

Retail Revenue by Cohort (eCommerce)

Break down your revenue forecast by cohort and factor in assumptions such as inventory, shipping cost, channel fees, marketing budgets and CAC. Conduct RFM and market basket analysis by understanding customer purchasing patterns to optimize and enhance sales.

Advanced B2B SaaS Professional Services

Sales Capacity Planning

Plan your salesforce based on capacity, using factors such as seasonality, quotas, attainments, and ramp time.

Fundamentals Bundle

Workforce Planning

The workforce planning app leverages your HR information system (HRIS) data to forecast your headcount and personnel-related expenses, ranging from salary, regional taxes & benefits, department-level benefits, bonuses, anniversary increases, and more.

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