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Hi, We’re OnPlan

Business forecasting and budgeting takes time and resources – which most growing organizations lack. Their choice? Focus on forecasts or let other priorities take over. OnPlan is their solution. An intuitive platform and service. OnPlan is a modular financial platform that helps businesses to perform budgeting, forecasting, KPI tracking, dashboarding, benchmarking and more.

How it Works

Whether you’re creating your first financial models for a business plan, or need ongoing accurate projections for board meetings, we support your financial modeling needs.


  • Model Setup

    We convert your existing Excel or Google Sheets model into our platform.

    We leverage a library of best practice operational and analytical modules.

    We generate best practice reports and dashboards custom tailored to your business.

    Just upload your document and we will do everything for you.

  • Collaboration & Data Population

    Tackle what-if scenarios from a centralized assumption driver page.

    Customizable recommendations and alerts based on real-time metrics.

    Budget-variance analysis to weigh the opportunity cost.

    Best in class dashboards and analytical frameworks.

  • Analysis & Proactive Decision Making

    Integrations with Quickbooks and your other key data sources.

    In-cell threaded conversations for quick and accurate inputs.

    Roles and module permissions streamline overall management.

    Version history simplifies the review process.

    Automatic visualizations to help understand and explain outputs.

    Real-time insight into your businesses’ performance.

Meet the makers

Here is the team making this all happen for our clients on a 24/7 basis!

David Greenbaum

Founder & CEO

Bernie Leigh

VP Operations

We’re always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.